Whether you are  demolishing an old structure, installing sewer lines, performing site work, or finish grading, we have the equipment and skills needed to accomplish the task at hand! 

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Having focused our work in the Fox Valley area for many decades, we have developed a core group of employess who are local and share Schneider's great work ethic.  This makes Schneider Excavating more efficent.  Also, this confidence in our employees carries over to the work sites and contributes to a spirt of cooperation.  Our people really do make the difference.

  • Safety-minded workforce
  • Valued Relationships'
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Industry Connections & Respect

Schneider Excavating includes a large list of equipment, ranging from small dozers and track loaders to large scrapers, off road trucks and high capcity excavators.. In an industry where our equipment is our second biggest asset, only to our employees, we pride ourselves in the ability to deliver the right machine to every job site!

In addition to our heavy equipment, Schneider Excavating maintains semi-dumps and lowboys to ensure that all material and equipment arrives at the jobsite on time under any circumstance. Our  field maintenance provides rapid service response to minimize down time.

With a commitment to GPS guidance and machine control, reworks are greatly reduced resulting in time and money savings. In addition to the cost savings, which result from the use of GPS, the final project is delivered with greater accuracy than before.


Some of our expert services include:

  • General Excavation
  • Earth Moving & Grading
  • Sewer & Water Construction
  • Demolition
  • Site Preparation
  • GPS Mapping and Grading